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Masters Summer Shindig

June 9th-11th 2023


We could call this the

less formal side of Masters.... and we would probably be right!  This is the Outdoor Tournament where the Masters Family come together to enjoy some outdoor grass Volleyball in their own  teams. 

Enter as 6 or more players, give us a team name, and we will do the rest!

P.S. (You can enter individually and we'll find you a team)

The Details:

What time do we meet?

Turn up anytime from noon on Friday onwards to meet your team and relax with 'the family'

What food is provided? 

Breakfast on both mornings.  Friday night buffet; Saturday lunch (dinner to us Northerners!); 3 Course sit down meal on Saturday night

What team do I need to be able to play? 

Teams up to 9 players with 3 women and 3 men on court at any time.  If you don't have a team we will help you find a friendly bunch to play with!

When are the games?

Games are played all day Saturday out on the grass courts, 6-a-side.  There will be laughter, music, drinks and possibly some volleyball!

Will there be entertainment?

Well if watching grass volleyball played by people who are clearly past it isn't enough then yes. There will be informal entertainment on Friday night, music and a festival atmosphere while games take place, and a Disco on Saturday with DJ Tricky in da house...shabba!

There is also Fancy Dress on Saturday night with the theme of HEROES.  Not compulsory but....why wouldn't you?!

Are there drinks tickets?

No, not this time.  These proved too dfficult to provide this time

Where is the hotel and venue?

Charlecotte Pheasant Hotel Stratford Upon Avon

When does it all finish?

When you check out on Sunday and are safe to drive!

How much does it cost?

Single room - £295

Shared room - £230

Price includes: 1 buffet meal, 2 breakfasts, Saturday lunch, 3 course evening meal, venue hire, accommodation, entertainment.  Fun and hilarity provided at no extra cost!

How do I pay?

You can pay as a one off payment for the full amount or by Standing Order.  These details are on the booking form

Is there a closing date? 

All payments must be made by 1st May or you will incur a further £50 cost.  You have been warned!  Payment details are on the Booking Form

Do I need to read the emails?

Yes absolutely!

If you have any further quesitons please don't hesitate to get int touch on the Contact Us page or on Facebook.

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