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What’s It All About

You may be wondering what all this talk is about the Masters event and why so many participants look forward to the “annual” get together so much.  Is it for the volleyball?  For some maybe. You do get to play a fair amount of the game that we all have in common. 


You play alongside, and against, players you have: known; seen; contested against; or even just heard about.


But it is much more than just that.

To start your weekend we kick things off on Friday afternoon at the hotel and spa in Sheffield. A procession of volleyball people walking into the hotel before a relaxing afternoon catching up in the hotel bar or for some a trip into the City of Steel. Once checked in the hotel has a pool, sauna and steam room to help you get used to your surroundings. Accommodation, breakfast and free parking are all covered.

Friday night and it is team announcement night with a five drinks voucher to allow you to enjoy the bars offerings included. Then you find out who will be in your team as well as who your Captain will be. Team shirts are given out and you can spend the remainder of the evening getting to know your team mates as well as having a buffet meal provided.

Saturday is game day. All Saints sports hall and the home of Sheffield VC’s Super 8 team with three courts running. Timed matches with the intention that everyone plays a fair amount of the day and it also allows us to ensure that you get to play everyone else in the event. You don’t even have to pick up a whistle as the tournament provides officials although you may be asked to score or line judge. Final matches decide the overall standings with some pretty cool prizes for the winning teams.

Saturday night, back to the hotel, put on some posh clobber and join in the tournament presentation night with a 3-course meal, drinks vouchers and prize giving all culminating in trying to keep up with the Telford ladies on the dance floor. For those that can the night ends as the last person leaves the bar in the early hours of Sunday morning.


Sunday morning the weary heads make it down for breakfast before saying your goodbyes to old friends as well as the new ones made over a fantastic weekend of socializing. If you don’t want to take my word for it, a few quotes from those that have been before….

What People Say

'What a weekend!!!!  Having put it off for too long I cracked and joined the fun at last year’s Masters and oh how I regret waiting so long. Great volleyball, great social(s) and some impressive aches and pains!With this year’s tournament cancelled, roll on next year where we can once again dust off our trainers, compression socks and apply anything else that makes us think we are 20 again and gets us back on the court.Long may the Masters’ reunions carry on. Huge thanks to Thumper Towers and the team for nagging me to attend and putting on such an excellent weekend.

Colin Rex


'I love going to the Masters volleyball tournament every year not only to have a good game with some “old” masters but to catch up with great friends and also to make some new ones. Banter is fab with never a dull moment! My only complaint is ….. that the weekend goes too quick.

Paul Blackburn


Ian Towers

Masters Volleyball Founder

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